Learn more about the designer.

Lebo Design is a web design & development studio
dedicated to creating aesthetically pleasing visuals and functionality.

Who is behind this?

Lebo Design is currently a one person studio, run by myself, Brian Lebo.

What is your background?

I am a Web Designer located in Reading, Pennsylvania. I graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design / Interactive Media. My career began as a Web Design intern at QVC.com. After graduating from college, I became a part of the Design team at Listrak, an email marketing service provider. Currently I am a designer at Realtime Media. I have a solid background in Web Design, Email Design, and Graphic Design.

Why should I hire you?

I am committed to creating great websites and emails, adhering to the web standards of today’s internet. I enjoy working directly with the client, bringing a more personal relationship than a corporate design firm.

What is with the Puffer Fish and nature scenery?

Puffer fish are fascinating. I could go on and on about why, so if you would like to chat about it feel free to contact me! I created the logo in college using layered constuction paper, and later converted it to a vector image in Adobe Illustrator.

The nature scenery was used for the aesthetics of the website. The cool blues of the sky, and the warmth of the land caught my eye.