From beginning to end

Learn more about how the process works...


Do you have an idea for a site or need guidance figuring out what you would like your site to accomplish? This is the 1st stage of the process where we talk about what your goals are for the site.

Getting to know each other

Before we start planning or designing, it is important to discuss the following topics:

  • What is your purpose as a business?
  • What are your goals for the site?
  • Do you have any ideas for the site?
  • What are some websites that you enjoy?
  • What type of audience are you trying to reach?


Next we will go over the plan and overall timeline for the project.

  • Develop timeline and sitemap
  • Setting milestones
  • Content creation
  • Collecting all other necessary materials

Design & Concept

Once the planning stage has been completed, we can start bringing the idea to life. Design mocks (ideas) will be created and reviewed. If revisions are needed, there will be a few rounds of changes to the mocks and they will be reviewed again.

Build & Develop

This is the development stage where the site begins to take shape. Your site will be built with standards compliant XHTML & CSS.

Pre-Launch Testing

Before launching the site, everything will be reviewed including:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Valid HTML / CSS / etc.
  • Typos
  • Content / Images / Links
  • Any other tweaks to the site
  • Proper SEO has been applied naturally through code
  • Google Analytics is applied (if applicable)


The final stage of the process & the moment that everything else has been leading up to. Pushing your site live for all to see.


Ongoing work & site maintenance -or- CMS training (coming soon).